It's me, Jana


"NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE, everything changes, everything moves,

everything revolves, everything flies and goes away."

                                                          -Frida Kahlo

Hi, my name is Jana. I am passionate illustrator and graphic designer. Frida Kahlo is my soul sister. So gentle, so hard, so proud and so vulnerable. Amazing human, woman, artist & fashion icon. 

I truly believe that people can connect in mysterious ways, just as I connected with Frida and just as you have probably connected with people you've never met in person. Isn't that beautiful when two hearts connect?


I believe my art is the extension of my heart and through my art I have touched many people’s hearts and I hope I will touch yours too. 
Why? Because I believe this connection, this love can and will concur all, and that we can change this beautiful world together to make it a better place.

My message through my art is to remind you (and me), to always find your own story, own your story and share it with the world! Like Frida did! Unapologetically! 

She will never know how much she inspired me and my art and how much this  inspired all of you out there but I guess this "special free spirit" in her lives on within us, right? And I don't want to change it for ANYTHING. 


Jana Fak